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It's aimhreidh, damnit!

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February 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

Ok. Here we go with some really rather awful photos! Mostly, just pets. Because pets are awesome, yeeess.
First, me with the lizard tank. This is the end of it, the damn thing's four feet long in the other dimension!

And now, the infamous Zeke

I couldn't get him to flare up, but he's really very well behaved. Didn't like the camera flash much, though, poor guy!

And finally, my usual photo whore:

More to come!

February 19th, 2007


I knew I'd be hella bad at updating.

Ok, what's happened in the last while. As almost everyone has heard from me, Guelph begins early acceptance of 30 of it's 100 students this month. So basically every morning, I pee myself while trying to open my email as fast as possible.

Yes, it happens on Saturdays and Sundays, too :(

In other news, I had a kick ass Valentine's day. Since going out on busy nights sucks, we agreed that I'd make dinner. And of anything, he picks spaghetti, go figure. My Valentine's day plans couldn't be set in motion until the day of, since I suffered through midterms Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As an aside, I love molecular biology, and I'm sure I'll come back to that once I get a few marks back!

Anyway. So I made spaghetti and my awesome meatballs. And then I figured why the hell not, and made an appropriately festive cake.

I also managed to dig up a gigantic white tablecloth and a more appropriately sized red one (the shit I never knew we owned, honestly...) so the table was properly attired. Kyle had also given me a dozen red roses and I busted out my square plates, so it looked pretty sleek.

Since he was so excited about his gift, we did that before eating. In my typical inadequate fashion, I bought him the X men trilogy. And what did he get me, you ask? WELL. First, he handmade a jewelery box, lined and everything. When the box was opened, there was a card printed in slideshow format, that was bound at the long end like in a book. Once all the cards were flipped through, there's a ring box in the bottom containing:

It's way better looking in real life, though it's currently being resized down to a mere 4 since I have freak hands.

So yes, it was lovely. And then, we got to watch the first 2 Xmen. Now I'm on reading week, waiting for Greg to get his ass in town and trying to figure out how to conjure a sled for tomorrow's sledding party. Wish me luck in my endeavor, otherwise I may have to resort to using Kyle's face! ;)

Oh yeah, as an addendum. I'm notorious for being addicted to pets, and today is no different. First, I'm very excited about Zeke, who is my 8 month old bearded dragon. Now that he's hitting sexual maturity he's finally developing his true colour, and it looks like he's going to be a lovely yellow with some orange. VERY cool. Also, he's almost big enough to start eating mice, which will be infinately easier on my budget than buying crickets (assume, a feeder pinkie is something like 70 cents and he can eat about 2-3 a week, while crickets are 12 cents a PIECE and I go through roughly 8 dozen a week if not more!). But, the new deal is that I've been contemplating what to put in his old, fabulous terrarium since he's recently upgraded to a bloody tank large enough to count as a piece of furniture. Today, I found my next tank inhabitant:

The giant day gecko, who really is as awesome as he looks. Not only is this bad boy diurnal, but he's also small (thank god), and eats predominantly fruit with some insects, having a markedly smaller appetite than my dragon. They're also arboreal and extremely active, making them a ton of fun to watch. Oh, and they stick to glass. Major bonus! The only disadvantage is that they can't be handled, but given that Zeke is perfectly happy to ride around on my shoulder like a parrot (he won't be too impressed when I get my lovebirds), I think I'm ok in the playing-with-reptiles department.

Anyway, now I'm really going. Night, all!

February 7th, 2007

Holy daily double!

It must be that excitement of something new, I swear.

Anyway, to post a real introduction: Life is work. Work is life. Luckily the majority of the work doesn't suck this time around. If anyone wasn't talking to me much last semester, it was horrible. Between constant assignments, family problems and a dying grandma, I had a shitty ass time. Luckily the work in this semester is typically (with exceptions) a good deal more fun, and things both at home and in ye olde relationship have stabilized. Thank [insert deity].

Today, I really got nothing done that I needed to get done school-wise. I didn't even make it to all my classes, hell. Lately I've been getting these insane migranes caused by my neck injury (for anyone that didn't know, I have a soft tissue/spinal injury in my neck from a 10 year old riding accident) and probably in part by my scoliosis (in my case, mild curving of the lumbar spine). When I say insane, I mean I've been popping hoarded T3 from oral surgeries past and lying in the dark for hours. Yeah.

What's more frustrating is that I've been to every kind of medical professional who could help. I mean, the government even pays for my massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractics. Massage is great (and before you go calling me lucky: deep tissue massage. Which doesn't mean I relax for an hour, I just try not to yelp)but it's really just a temporary solution, and the chiropracter doesn't do anything. The physiotherapist I went to a while ago said my problem could be fixed. FIXED? Please? Course the kicker is that she has a year long wait list. And since these headaches are bad enough that I'm trying to find a pair of polarized sunglasses just so I can function with dim lights on (forget driving), a year isn't going to cut it.

Tomorrow's official resolutions:
1) find another physiotherapist
2) make an appointment with the dietician (so I can finally have that easily digestible, red meat free diet that my stomach refuses to function normally without)
3) see if I can get NON codiene pain meds from my doctor in the interim, since T3s burn a hole through my guts
4) book a massage!
5) complete my animal physiology studying

Seems like a lot, since today I think I managed to burn a few hours shopping, having lunch, making rice crispy squares with the boyfriend and having a long talk with the aforementioned male presence(NOT of the relationship-in-turmoil variety, might I add). I guess I better sleep and cut off this extremely disjointed babble. Night, all

Damn Internet!

Sigh. I go and wake up early all virtuous-like and end up what, working? No, making a damn Livejournal. Adrienne and Jenn, I blame you.

Also, someone took my damn name. Actually, both of them. So here for all of you is another entirely too-hard-to-pronounce Gaelic word that starts in A. I think hard about coming up with these, you know. For the record I highly doubt I'll get around to posting much, but I figure I'm usually pretty AWOL so I might as well update every once in a while so people know I'm not lying dead in a ditch somewhere.

That's prettymuch it for today. I'm actually hellishly sick and suffering from the migraine of DOOM (which I'll bitch about at some point when I don't have to leave for class -.-). So yeah, it's here, I'll try to remember about this!
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